Factors that Determine The Duration in Which Weed Stays In Your Body

Many people have always wished to know more about the duration it takes for weed to remain active in the body of the user. It is essential to understand that the length of time differs from one person to another depending on several factors. These key determinants include the concentration levels of THC in the weed, the method used in consuming the marijuana and the frequency to which an individual uses it. Find more info at this website to get started.

For people who use pot on a frequent basis, the marijuana is more likely to stay in their body system for a much longer time. However, the concentration of THC in the weed determines to a greater extent how long the body of the user will take in clearing marijuana out of its system. For example, if an individual consumes just a small amount of weed which has high concentrations of THC, the weed will remain in the user's body for a much longer time as compared to if one consumed a more significant amount of marijuana which contains low concentration levels of THC.

Two tests are regularly used in detecting marijuana in the body system of a user. These different types of tests will yield mixed results for THC and THC metabolites. In this editorial, we shall seek to furnish you with more information about these test. Get more info at this website.

One of the most commonly used tests for screening marijuana is the urine test. The primary aim of this analysis is to check for the presence of THC elements which are referred to as THC-COOH. Since THC-COOH is highly hydrophobic, the urine test can efficiently detect the presence of THC metabolites for a longer duration as compared to the other tests. In fact for frequent users of marijuana, this test may positively determine the presence of THC within 30 days or even more of use whereas, for a first time user, the test will produce positive results within 1-6 days of being administered. The limiting factors in using this analysis is that the test results are dependent on the weight of the user, the period and frequency in which the user has been consuming weed.

A saliva drug test is often used to detect THC metabolites within one hour of consuming weed for first time user and can also detect the presence of THC elements for up to a maximum of 72 hours of consuming marijuana for frequent users.
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