How Long Weed Stays In Your System

Question on weed has most likely come into people's mind more than once or twice. This kind of question has been faced with different views and emotions. How long weed stays in your system depend on a couple of factors. These factors include on the user and how regularly they smoke. The more you smoke cannabis sativa, the longer it stays in your system. Again, when you continually consume weed, THC levels accumulate in your body. The speed of processing THC also affects how much time it take to stay in your system. Visit this site to get started.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is highly poisonous and this is the chemical substance that gets people high. It is stored in the fatty matters of your body and sadly it can stay in your system for a good number of years. So from the case above we conclude that the more a person smokes, the more THC accumulates in your system and this defines how much of this drug one has in their body.

There are factors such blood test, saliva test, hair and urine test that can be used to detect or determine how long weed has stay in your system. Research shows that within 5 days almost 85-90% of Tetrahydrocannabinol is excreted from your system. Another amazing thing is that above 65% of it is removed in faeces and 20% in urine.

It has been proven that even after more than 30 days of consumption, certain tests and procedures could be used to detect weed in your system. How long weed has stays in your system again depends on one's health or metabolic nature. It totally varies from one person to another. This means that if two people are to be tested, one would prove to be positive and the other negative. This is because of difference in metabolic nature. Click here for more info.

How long weed stays in a person's body as we have seen will depend on a lot of factors. We cannot really say exactly how long generally but individually it can be evaluated. How fast or slow your metabolism is will make a big difference because if your metabolism is fast, your body will process it faster, use it and then what needs to be removed done as fast. For those with slow metabolism, it takes a bit longer since your body does not work as fast. So to fasten your metabolism you could do some exercises that will get your blood pumping.